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What is The Shock Factor?

The Shock Factor is for the people ready to take the leap. It's for the people that no one really believed in, but after all the hardship, found a glimce of belief in themselves. It's for the underdog ready to do what he/she was meant to do. We believe in you, and we know there is potential in every single human being.

Welcome to the community.


What is our goal with the brand?

Our goal is to create a society which helps each other bring out the best version of one selves. We want to help strengthen your own belief so you can achieve your goals as long as you have faith in the process. The Shock Factor is all about shocking with your results as an effect of hard work and dedication, despite any uncontrollable factors that possible have led to poor conditions in life. The Shock Factor will prove that regardless of what life situation you find yourself in, nothing is impossible.

Why The Shock Factor?

The Shock Factor is a brand with passion. We look for meaning in everything we do, and truly believe there is hope everywhere. Everyone got purpose, and we want to help you see your purpose and help you unlock your passion.